User Rating: 6.8

Purchased mine and went to the range to run a few boxes through it. First shot out of the box, dead center. Shot consistent tight groups at 7yds. I am a big guy with big hands, the grip feels small, but, the recoil was completely managable and comfort was not an issue. I chose to keep my gun dirty awhile and carry as backup just as a test to see how it would react to not being cleaned after a few boxes and then carried for a week. Took it to the range and it worked flawlessly for another 100 rounds. Carried it another week without cleaning and went back to the range. Again, it performed well, had one stovepipe which I blame on not gripping the gun well, again, I have large hands and this is afterall a sub-compact pistol. One issue in 300 rounds right out of the box with no mods or cleaning. I'd say after I finish breaking it in and properly maintain it with a cleaning after each trip to the range, this gun should be very reliable.

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