thomas moe

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Don't worry about this 22 auto. Keep it clean, use a very light gun grease on the moving parts, use a fast powerful bullet, and it will shoot like crazy. All this stuff I read about non-reliabilty and stuff like that, I can only say one thing, clean little semi-automatics, even the saturday night specials, run like greased lightning when they are treated like they should be. I am a xxxx (can't tell you), and in case you do not know what that is or who I am; I am one of those guys who, in effect and in legal court proceedings; terminate parental rights. Terminate means final, no visitation, no phone calls, ever, with your kids. Well they deserved it. Anyway, after about a decade of this work, there are some people who hate me. And I guess I can see why. Anyway, what do I carry? Sometimes a Glock 36 45, sometimes a Colt Mustang 380, and almost always a Bobcat 21a. I just plain will defend myself with this pistol. It is not the biggest, nor the baddest, but it is in my pocket. I know what I am doing; I hope you do too.

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