User Rating: 8.1

I have the XD 357 SIG in 4 inch Service. I love it!!! Out of the box I checked it over pretty good. I found nothing wanting other than a good cleaning. I've run several boxes of Remington and Winchester "FMJ" target through it and had zero problems. I've also ran some Hornady XTP through it. It's all good! As far as accuracy, lets just say that the gun shoots better than I do. Tear down and cleaning is a breeze. As far as "taking care of business", I have no doubt that it will do what it was designed for if the time comes. The safety mechanism is pretty much fool proof so the XD is hot whenever I'm in the house or on the road. I won't get into which caliber/bullet is best but for me, the .357 SIG is a solid choice. Having said that, I just ordered a .40 S&W barrel to drop in the frame. I don't figure it hurts to have options... Be safe out there.

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