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I have owned a 3032 tomcat for about 8 months now. It has replaced my other handguns for concealed carry and for basic home defense purposes. As far as 'stovepipes' go, I will ask the reviewers if this occurred on the first round fired. I find that since it is such a small firearm and uses a 'light' caliber round, that folks often underestimate it and fail to grip it tight enough. Since it is a blowback design, and lacks a mechanical extractor, 'limpwristing' will almost always result in a fail to extract (FTE) or fail to feed (FTF) situation. I often fail to grip it tight enough on the first round I fire at the range and get a FTE/FTF situation. It is ALWAYS remedied when I grip it tighter during subsequent rounds. I have been a 'bad boy' and fired fiocchi ammunition that produces 168 lbs/ft muzzle energy (similar to 380 energy levels) in mine. After a couple boxes of this "over-powered" or +P ammo, I still do not have any frame cracks. I have the standard, older model 3032 tomcat without the inox or wide-slide. In all honesty, I think that out of the tens of thousands of tomcats made, about 20 or 30 have actually had a cracked frame. Similarly, I have heard of the 92FS/M9 suffering from cracked frames - however, I used these extensively during my time in the USMC Infantry and never had any problems, nor did I observe any problems with any of the M9's that were issued to others in my platoon. I honestly think that their reliability and durability is as good or better as compared to other handguns. As far as my 'credentials' go, I am a former Infantry Marine, having served in a Weapons Platoon in an Infantry Company. I have extensive training with 45ACP and 9mm handguns. I currently own handguns in 22LR, 40S&W, and 32ACP and shoot each caliber frequently. With any new auto-loading firearm, you must allow it a 'break-in' period of at least 200 rounds. In addition, polishing the feed-ramp is a necessity. If you haven't polished the feed-ramp, and have shot less than 500 rounds through it, yet complain of FTF of FTE failures, then you haven't properly broken-in the firearm and demonstrate that you are not qualified to discuss the pros and cons of various handgun models. Above statements of "I have shot 100 rounds and it has frequent FTF" should be discounted due to the inherent ignorance of the standard 'break-in' procedures for any auto-loading firearm.

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