Tommy S.

User Rating: 8.6

I just purchased a Springfield XDM Compact 3.8 and I gotta say I should have bought one of these sooner, even if it was a standard XD-SA. This is one of the most solid looking/feeling guns that I own. In my opinion it is more solid than a Glock. Everything on this gun is tight, even the magazines were a bit hard to load without the supplied speedloader ! The mechanism is a striker fired action similar to Glock except that when breaking the weapon down there's no need to pull the trigger. As much of the same as the XDM is similar to a Glock, it is different. The trigger is different and better than Glock's in that it's smoother, lighter and crisper. The striker system is slightly different and the outside exterior of the striker is recommended that it not be oiled by the manufacturer. The frame is a nice looking and strong polymer, slide a nitride salt bathed melonite finished curvy beauty with nice lines and nice set up mechanism underneath, barrel is match grade and solid with traditional rifling . The Melonite finish is strong and good looking.It is applied thick. It is a more matte finish where a Glock is more of a satin. id say that Glocks tennifer has a slight edge but not much of a difference to decide against an XD[M] ! Shooting at the range the gun produced the best groups with Winchester 180 gr PDX-1 and White Box Bonded Hollow points, and also with Hornady Critical Defense in 165 gr. Both avereging about 2.25. Pretty good out of a gun with a sub four inch barrel. I probably could have done better but I was a bit out of practice, LOL ! All-in-all I love the XDM series and im already eyeing up the XD Tactical 45 with the dark earth and black slide finish. Until then I'll save my pennies and dream.

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