Unsafe Pistol

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I bought my first Tomcat in 2006. Within 6 months the slide came off while shooting 3 different times. After the 3rd time the dealer sent it back to Beretta and they said it was unrepairable and sent me a new one. This was in 2007.No mentioning of a cracked frame. I loved the smallness of the gun for concealed carry. It was accurate. I keep records of the #of rounds I fire. After 136 rounds over the next 8 years the frame is cracked. I sent it back to Beretta to be repaired or send me an Inox Tomcat and I would pay them the cost over my black tomcat. I sent all my shooting records..kind of ammo,etc. They sent it back with a red tag on saying it was unsafe to fire and that they wouldn't repair it. I will call them and also write a letter to their CEO. On many gun blogs I found the same crack problem k,in the frame as my two. The dealer said the Beretta rep even told them where to look. It is a very evident crack you can easily see. I am appaled Beretta doesn't stand by their product and make the black Tomcat like the Inox version. I will not ever buy another Beretta.  I guess it will go to the bottpm of my pond.




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