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1st 1911, purchased today without knowing which Model Springfield (call it a blindfolded evaluation). That said the decision was subjective. Comparing differing Co's offerings and at differing price points. Personal concerns were from a Southpaw's perspective. How easy/smooth was the slide release and mag release using my index finger. Was it possible to engage/disengage the left sided safety with my index (knuckle) and future retrofit for an ambidextrous safety. Trigger smoothness to include (uptake/reset) with no grittiness. Slide to frame fit. Not to leave out overall finish. Other brands handled were Para USA, Ruger, Taurus, Rock Island, Remington, and another Springfield (TRP). My pockets are not deep enough for the TRP @ over $1400. The slide release was the best IMO @ this price point. Preferred the trigger of the R.O. over the more $$$ Remington @ $1100 (although the slide was butter smooth on the Remi). As far as ambidextrous safety; the right side grip panel is already inlet-ted for one +++. $847 NIB out the door (in Maryland) was worth it IMO. After reading several reviews and all of the positive comments the time at the range is assured not to disappoint. Happy Happy Happy

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