The .357 SIG is considered by many to be the ultimate self-defense round on the market today. The necked down cartridge is able to nearly match the performance .357 Magnum revolver cartridge while still remaining small enough to hold to stack a lot of rounds in a semi-auto pistol. With prominent groups like the U.S. Secret Service adopting guns chambered for the round it was only a matter of time before Springfield Armory developed an XD-357 service pistol.

The gun is nearly identical in all respects to it's 9mm and .40 S&W brethren with the exception that the magazines hold 12 rounds of .357 SIG ammo. The gun is assembled in Croatia on the same line as the other XD variants.

As with the .45 GAP the newer .357 SIG is less widely adopted and ammunition and reloading both are more expensive than other cartridges there is less demand for these guns when compared to others. This being the case the company only produces only two versions of the XD-357, one being the Tactical model with a 5” barrel and the standard 4” service pistol reviewed here. Both are only made available in the black Melonite finish. A Bi-Tone version which was made once is no longer in active production.

Springfield Armory XD-357 Pistol Reviews

Springfield Armory XD-357 Service Pistol

All elements of the Springfield Armory Ultra Safe Assurance system remain on this pistol. This includes the trigger safety, grip safety, loaded chamber indicator, and striker status indicator.

As with all guns produced by Springfield Armory this one comes with the company's legendary lifetime warranty.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory XD-357 service pistol can be found below. Please feel free to write a review of your own but please be sure to keep reviews limited to this particular pistol as the XD-9 and XD-40 pistols as well as the XD-357 Tactical have their own separate review sets.

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