Springfield Armory XD-357 Service Pistol

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Guys; Nosler double tap is running ammo well over 1500 fps and the best buy on the market is the hot ammo over at Underwood. Underwood under-rates the box figures and it was already blistering. Underwood also is well over 1500 fps on the 357 sig with little difference in the recoil.




I have the XD 357 SIG in 4 inch Service. I love it!!! Out of the box I checked it over pretty good. I found nothing wanting other than a good cleaning. I've run several boxes of Remington and Winchester "FMJ" target through it and had zero problems. I've also ran some Hornady XTP through it. It's all good! As far as accuracy, lets just say that the gun shoots better than I do. Tear down and cleaning is a breeze. As far as "taking care of business", I have no doubt that it will do what it was designed for if the time comes. The safety mechanism is pretty much fool proof so the XD is hot whenever I'm in the house or on the road. I won't get into which caliber/bullet is best but for me, the .357 SIG is a solid choice. Having said that, I just ordered a .40 S&W barrel to drop in the frame. I don't figure it hurts to have options... Be safe out there.



I would say that a good reason to carry an XD concealed is that it so many safety features.If you're worried that the gun might go off under your shirt,stop worrying,the grip safety and trigger safety will stop that.On some 45ACPs there is also a manuel safety.I like this pistol a lot but my only "complaint" is that the finish of both the Stainless and the black guns scratch too easily.They get holster wear easy too.while the finish on my Glocks look like new,my XDs have little scratch marks from going in and out of mostly kydex type holsters.As far as the 357 SIG goes DON'T LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS OR GUN SALESMEN.They seem to have a hatred of anything new.They will always steer you to the 9 or the 45.The 9 for cheaper ammo and less kick and the 45 for it's KNOCKDOWN POWER!!!!! The 357 SIG in the right loadings EQUALS the ballistics of a 357 magnum.In the XD you get 12+1. ( Springfield should correct this and design the 357 SIG XD magazine with 15+1 rounds like Glock and Smith and Wesson...[Read More]



I bought my 357 service in 2005. It is my USPSA production and IDPA ESP gun of choice. Fixed sights are dead on and POA is right there. The barrel is of the better quality for a mass produced gun. I polished the ramp removing the tooling marks, leaving a mirror finish, and polished the large part of the chamber. Do not remove more than .0002 from the ID and none from the shoulder area, as this is where the round headspaces. I left the throat alone. A little polish on the other engagement surfaces and that is all. The gun runs and runs no matter what I feed it. The bottleneck design helps with feeding and has a level of reliability no straight wall cartridge can have. The FCG is a little more complicated than a Glock and is really a super safe single action. I like the feel of the stock trigger some do not it is what it is. The 40 cal mags work reliably in it. The round is a handloaders dream. It has a wide range of loads 90gr-147gr. Magnum 125 @ 1475 or 130 000 power factor IDPA ammo @...[Read More]

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