The XD-40 Tactical pistol is nearly identical to the service version of the gun with the exception of the lengthened slide, barrel, and guide rode/recoil spring assembly. In fact, the frame of the Tactical XD-40 is exactly the same as the frame on the 4” model.

The gun is chambered in .40 S&W which is a cut-down version of the high-powered 10mm cartridge. The barrel of the XD-40 Tactical is 5” in length and allows for increased muzzle velocity of the round once it leaves the barrel, provides a flatter trajectory of the bullet and ultimately more consistent and accurate shot placement. The result is a gun that is better suited not just for military and law enforcement applications but for competition as well.

Two different color schemes are offered on this gun. Both feature a black Melonite coated slide and barrel but one (Model XD9402HCSP06) had a black polymer frame while the other (Model XD9405HCSP06) has an OD green frame. Regardless of color, Springfield Armory equips the frame of the gun with an integrated accessory rail. This is a staple on most modern tactical pistols as operators are almost universally training with tactical flashlights and laser sights, all of which require a universal rail system.

The 5” forged barrel is fully supported and capable of handling +P ammo without issue. Company reps as well as individual shooters will admit that the XD-40 Tactical can work with +P+ ammo as well but Springfield Armory staff will admit that extended us of such ammunition (which has not industry wide standard) can shorten the life of the pistol prematurely.

Springfield Armory XD-40 Tactical Pistol Gallery

Springfield Armory XD-40 Tactical Gallery

As the lower receiver is identical to that of the XD-40 service pistol, it has the exact same safety features including the grip safety and trigger safety. Both internal safeties, the loaded chamber indicator, and striker-status indicator are retained on this gun as well.

Magazine capaciy is limited to just 12 rounds which seem a little light considering the fact that the XD-45 Tactical carries 13. Be that as it may the gun ships from Springfield Armory's Croatian production facilities with two magazines as well as a slide-style holster and double mag pouch which are originally made in Israel. Each gun also benefits from the coverage of the Springfield Armory Lifetime Warranty that covers each and every gun that the company sells.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory XD-40 Tactical pistol can be found below. Please feel free to write a review of your own to share your thoughts on this gun's performance and value but be sure to include your review in the right place as the previously mentioned XD-40 Service Pistol, as well as the XD-9 Tactical, XD-45 Tactical, XD-45LE Tactical, and XD-357 Tactical all have their own independent review sets. If you would like to have others check our your personal gun, email a photo to and we'll add it to the XD-40 Tactical Photo Gallery once your review is given the green light.

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