Springfield Armory produces two sub-compact pistols in the XD line. The XD-9sc in 9mm and the XD-40sc in .40 S&W. Regardless of the increase in power the .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge provides, the 9mm version of the pistol is slightly more popular as it has an edge in capacity carrying 13 rounds in the compact magazine vs. the 9 rounds of the .40 S&W version of the pistol.

Both guns feature an accessory rail integrated into the polymer frame, a forged steel frame, and a fully supported forged barrel that is built to handle +P ammunition. Trigger setup for the XD-40 sports the single-action striker based trigger system with an integrated safety which is common to all XD pistols. The grip safety and internal firing pin block safeties are also retained.

Springfield Armory cut the barrel of the gun down to 3” in length and the overall height of the pistol drops to just 4.75” when the compact magazine is utilized. This combination makes the XD-40sc extremely easy to conceal in either an IWB holster or even an ankle holster.

As previously mentioned, the standard magazine capacity for this gun is 9 rounds in the compact magazine, but an extended magazine is also available which increases the payload to 12 rounds. Many CCW holders will carry the XD-40sc with the compact magazine in place while carrying the larger capacity extended magazine in a belt mounted mag pouch. This allows for the ultimate in overall concealability without compromising on firepower.

The Springfield Armory XD-40 sub-compact pistol is made available in a wide variety of finish combinations. The most common is the steel slide coated in black Melonite matched to a black polymer frame but a black slide with an OD green frame is made as well. Also available is the popular bi-tone edition which shares the black frame but utilizes a stainless steel slide.

Springfield Armory XD-40sc Reviews

Springfield Armory XD-40sc

Dovetailed 3-dot combat sights are standard but two different types of night sights have been made available for the black-on-black versions of the pistols and the upgraded sights can be ordered with the gun from the Springfield Custom Shop as well.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory XD-40sc sub-compact pistol are available below. Feel free to leave a review of your own if you have experience with this pistol. All color combinations may be included here but be sure to only include reviews of the .40 S&W version. The XD-9sc, chambered in 9mm has its own separate review set, so please be sure to limit reviews here to the the .40 S&W version of the pistol so that those searching for info get an accurate picture of the performance and value of this particular gun.

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