Springfield Armory XD-45 Compact Pistol

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was attacked by 7 armed robbers, I cleaned them out in less than two seconds at 20 yards. most fell without pain, one tried to run but got him too..



I give this gun 5 stars all around. I have the 4" that I carry conceal IWB & I have no problems carrying it the near 100 degree heat while wearing shorts. My CCW has allowed me to carry it in Florida & in Virginia humidity. I have owned this since 2009 & still looks new. Great gun, never had probles with it. Even have a wave get it wet when CCW in the Gulf of Mexico, field stripped it, poured boiling water all over it to get the salt off, then oiled it with Rem Oil. No rust.



June 3, 2013 We went to the gun shop looking for a H&K 9MM England Special Forces pistol. 9MM ammo is the most common ammo worldwide and it is a NATO standard. We noticed that all 9MM ammunition was sold out and were told that it is hard to get. However they did have plenty of 45ACP rounds available. My son (Joe a former US Marine Armorer and Big Time 45 1911 fan... Go figure) said take a look at this Springfield Armory XD-45 4" Compact Pistol dad. I bought it and am very well pleased with this purchase. Great pistol at 1/2 the price of the H&K. I can get a 3" grouping at 25'. My son also a Series High Shooter in the USMC can put a clip full in the area less than the size of a quarter consistantly. My 16 year old grandson (who my son trained is better than me, but not as good as his pop. My daughter and wife also love this weapon, and find it easy to use accurately. The girls shoot better than me too. Well I was just in the Navy not the USMC.



Bought a XD-M 3.8 in a 45 auto. I fired 600 rds through it so far. Not a hick-up yet. This pistol shoots every brand and weight of bullet through it. With better ammo I got 2" groups at 25yds off a bench. The worst was 2.5" with Wolf steel case. This is one of the best shooting .45s Ive had the last 30+ years.




An exceptional shooting piece. I added the rear lazer max which doesn't interfeer witn a standard paddle holster. This is a wonderful handling gun consistent with Springfield quality & ergonomics.

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