Springfield Armory XD-45 GAP Pistol

Springfield Armory XD-45 GAP Pistol | User reviews

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ive ownd my gap 45 tactical for 10 years its may favorite out of all my guns very accurate plenty of take down power iv shot 900 rounds threw it not any problems



I have had my XD45LE 45gap now for maybe 8 years now. It is the most accurate pistol out of all of my handgun collection. I own a large variety of guns and the XD's and XDM's are excellent performers. Never a jam from the four I currently own. I have shot around 1,500 rounds from my 45gap without a hiccup. Highly recommend this gun as it fits my hands better than my XD 45acp does.



I purchased my Springfield Xd .45 gap used in 2004, for $465.. guy before me put four- 9 round clips thru it and didn't like how the kick affected his arthritis. I have put hundreds of rounds thru it, tight grouping, flawless performance.. the only problems i have encountered are finding ammo, and the finish wearing on the sides of the slide from my leather concealment holster. I also carry a bersa thunder .380 concealed carry as a back-up, but am so confident of the action of my Xd, most days i leave the .380 in the glove box and go on about my business with my .45.. I highly recommend the Springfield Xd .45 gap as a reliable service piece, just make sure to buy your ammo in bulk..



My LE service model jammed twice on me but was bought used and not properly cleaned. this was about 4.5 years ago and the gun hasn't jammed since it's first good cleaning. a little over 6-700 rounds through it since then and i've had no issues with it as of yet. it's been dropped and beaten a little bit and still has very few scratches along the slide. the barrel shows normal ware and tear. It was pretty easy to conceal, but at the same time i'm over 220 lbs and 6'1. under a jacket no one notices. overall it's a really good gun aside from the price in ammo.



I own a Tactical model that is m has the LEmarking and it sings perfect.. I'm able to stay right along side guys with 1911's,SIG220's,etc. as far as the gun goes.. I loVE IT.. its a 45.. on a 9mm frame.. am I mean literally its the same bottom end in grip size ,obviously slide rails themselves are bigger on the 45. but the grip is identical.. I love it and I carry it faithfuly everyday with Winchester Silvertip 185gr HP's.. its accurate and Not to mention.. 5 Police aginces are carrying 45GAP alot are carrying Glock37/38 Just because it allows the 45 knockdown (yes ballistics are on par or better in some cases) in the 9mm size frame. and when compared to 1911.. well it carries 9+1 so 10 in a singlestack smallframed 45..IS UNHEARD OF.

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