With the barrel cut down to just 3" and and empty weight of just 26 oz, Springfield Armory's XD-9sc 9mm sub-compact pistol ties with the EMP as the smallest gun in the company's lineup.

This gun is made to work well as both a primary and backup concealed carry pistol. With the standard magazine this gun has a magazine capactiy of 13. Extended magazines are available as well which increase the gun's round count to 16.

Safety is never in question with the 9mm XD sub-compact pistol as it retains all of the safety elements found on the full-size gun. Durability is also comparable to the larger gun. Accuracy and speed between shots will devaite from the larger XD-9 based on each shooter's individual strength's and training.

The slide is formed from forged steel and traditionaly comes in the hardened Melonite finish but the Bi-Tone model comes with a stainless steel slide. The frame is made from lightweight, impact resistant polymer with black being the most common color but OD green being available as well.

Both front and rear sites are fixed. 3-dot white come standards but guns upgraded to Trijicon night sights or Heinie Tritium SlantPro night sights are offered as well.

Springfield Armory XD-9 Sub-Compact Pistol

Springfield Armory XD-9 Sub-Compact Pistol

The XD platform is a bit large for this gun to be carried in the pocket regardless of grip and barrel lenght. It works well, however, as a backup gun in an ankle holster as well as a primary concealed carry piece.

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