Most gun companies, when releasing a new handgun chambered in 9mm will also release another version of the pistol in .40 S&W because the guns are so similar in dimension that it is easy to produce both guns on the same production line with minimal tool adjustment. This proved true for Springfield Armory as well when the released their XDm-40 3.9 in .40 S&W at the same time as the 9mm version of the pistol.

As with its 9mm cousin, the XDm-40 3.8 is what many would consider to be a “Commander” sized XDm pistol. The term “Commander” gained popularity when Colt released a new 1911 pistol with a shortened barrel cut down from 5” to 4.25”. This was the only change to the gun, however, and the lower receiver of the gun carried the exact dimensions of the original.

This is the case with the XDm-40 3.8. The shorter, 3.8” barrel of this compact pistol was designed to make it easier carry the gun on a daily basis. The design has come under criticism though because the popularity of IWB holsters means that the length of the barrel is of little significance where concealment is concerned while the length of the grip is of utmost importance. Of course, the grip length on the Springfield Armory's 3.8” version of their XDm-40 pistol is exactly the same as the original thus calling into question the implied concealment benefits of the design.

Other criticism which has arisen is the assumption that the shorter barrel of the XDm-40 3.8 will result in significantly lower velocities as and devolved accuracy. Testing has shown, however, that the muzzle velocity of the commander-sized XDm is usually within 30 f.p.s. of the full-size version of the pistol and any discrepancy in velocity can usually be overcome by loading the gun with +P ammo such as that offered by Buffalo Bore Ammunition. Some shooters feel that the level of accuracy is diminished a bit and others say that if the gun is used as a carry gun for self-defense, any accuracy difference is negligible for the application. We'll leave it to the reviewers to chime in on this one more fully.

The XDm 3.8 was the first in the lineup to be offered with the “V” shaped (M)ajor Grasp front and rear slide serrations which many (but not all) feel is an improvement to the Rearward-Only slanting serrations on the original XDm. Springfield Armory offers this pistol in both black (M)elonite and Stainless Steel Bi-Tone finishes and the gun ships standard with 3-Dot, low-profile combat sights which can easily be upgraded to night-sights if you so choose.

Springfield Armory XDm-40 3.8 Pistol Reviews

Springfield Armory XDm-40 3.8 Compact Pistol

The gun comes with an integrated rail system, a loaded chamber indicator, a striker status indicator, and enhanced (M)ega-Lock grip texture. The highly-acclaimed combo trigger safety/grip safety is retained on this XD platform gun as well. The magazine capacity on the XDm-40 3.8 shrinks from 19 to 16 rounds but this is not bad considering the fact that the 4” standard XD-40 only carries 12 rounds in the standard magazine.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory Xdm-40 3.8 compact pistol can be found below. Please be sure to include only reviews of the .40 S&W version of the gun here as the 9mm XDm 3.8 has its own review set. Thanks in advance for sharing your insight into the value and quality of this gun.

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