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I now have a hk 40 and have a chance on trading it for a ruger gp100 wiley clap, and with left over pick up a xdm used at a local gun store. need feed back. thanks



I have a h&k 40 cal and am thinking of trading for a xdm 40 cal. need some advice. what to do HELP



Not rating this specifically, however ... for any ladies looking to get a larger caliber handgun ... here is my wife's review of the XD-M. Wife has been thinking about getting a handgun and taking a CCW class. Possibly getting a permit. Yeah, pretty sexy stuff if you ask me. So I made sure we dropped by the local gun shop ASAP to let her handle some of the different styles, models and sizes. She didn't like the feel of smaller frame hand-guns, ... she actually likes how the XD-M's feels in her small hands. Once we decided what Type/Frame/Size she wanted, we then talked about caliber. - revolver or semi-auto (semi-auto) - size/model/style (XD-M) - 9mm/40/45 After all the discussion her decision came down to 4 things. 1. She felt more secure/safer with a larger handgun an the grip of the XD fells comfortable and secure in her smaller hands. 2. She really likes all the Safety Features of the XD's. 3. She asked me if she had to use the gun to defend herself, which caliber would I want her ...[Read More]



Just a great gun, not only good looking, but fit and finish are remarkable. It is powerful, but pleasent to shoot and you can adjust the grip for custom fit. So far I have shot about 500 rounds without a hitch and the new XDM-40 seems even more accurate than my older XD-40. Both of those fit my hand more naturally than a Glock. The XDM-40 4.5 is a large weapon and needs some thinking to conceal, but might be worth the effort with 17 rounds of comforting .40 firepower. It has a light/laser rail and would be a good gun for the nightstand as well. Finally, it is easy to clean - just flip the slide release, strip off the slide and have at it.



[...] and value but be sure to include your review in the right place as the previously mentioned XD-40 Service Pistol, as well as the XD-9 Tactical, XD-45 Tactical, XD-45LE Tactical, and XD-357 Tactical all have their [...]

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