When first introduced, the XDm-9 service pistol was marketed by Springfield Armory as the newest rendition in a purposeful evolution of the original Croatian HS200. While there was nothing inherently wrong with the XD pistol platform, the desire to increase magazine capacity and integrate some of the newest features inspired the company execs to bring an entire new pistol online instead of just upgrading the current lineup.

Instead of phasing out the original XD however, the company execs decided to take heed to two pieces of sage advice. First is the adage, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it,” while the second is that “New Beats Newly Improved” any day. In the end, Springfield Armory would continue to have their Croatian partners manufacturer the highly successful XD while at the same time introducing the new XDm.

The determination was made to first introduce the new gun in both the 9mm XDm with a 4.5” barrel alongside an identical twin chambered for .40 Smith & Wesson.

Both a Black-on-Black Melonite finish and a Bi-Tone version with a Satin Stainless slide mated to the black polymer frame have been always been offered on XDm-9 pistols and the company eventually introduced Bi-Tone Black-on-Green and Stainless-on-Green editions as well.

Grip has always been a major focus for the XDm guns and the Xdm-9 was originally offerered with Springfield Armory's well-researched (M)ega-Lock Texture. Both front and rear slide serrations have been found on the gun from Day 1 but they originally were forward slanting only. Eventually, after the introduction of the 3.8 version of the pistol, these were upgraded to the V-shaped slip resistant slide serrations.

As mentioned before, it is commonly assumed that increasing magazine capacity was the major factor in bringing the XDm from concept to production as the major player in the polymer service pistol market, Glock, had a 17 round magazine capacity in their 9mm Glock 17 for years. Springfield upped the ante ships each of the 4.5 inch guns with two 19 round mags.

A major benefit that the XDm-9 has over its Glock competition is the inclusion of a fully supported barrel. The structurally reinforced chamber allows the Springfield Armory gun to shoot +P and even +P+ loads without significant risk to damage to the gun. The company does however inform their customers that doing so may cause premature aging to the gun. They also say that +P+ rounds, as they have no universal loading standard, should be approached with caution.

Springfield Armory XDm-9 Pistol Reviews

Springfield Armory XDm-9 Service Pistol

All of the typical XDm pistol elements are integral to the XDm-9 4.5. Match grade barrel, single-action, striker fired trigger system, grip safety, trigger safety, striker status indicator, low-profile 3-dot combat sights, integrated rail system, and interchangeable backstraps are all present and ready to go out of the box.

Reviews of the Springfield Armory XDm-9 service pistol can be found below with the newest reviews found at the bottom of the page. If you own one of these guns or have had a chance to borrow one to shoot, please write a review of your own so other shooters can get a good perspective on the gun's overall value and quality. Please remember to include only the reviews for the 9mm version of the gun with the longer 4.5” barrel as the XDm-40, XDm-45, and XDm-9 3.8 all have their own respective review sets. Also, if you would like to include a picture of your gun, please email it to pictures@gunreviewspot.com and we'll add it to the XDm-9 photo gallery.

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