The Colt XSE Commander shares in all of the featured upgrades that are common to the XSE line of 1911 pistols but gives the added benefit of a shortened barrel that many concealed carry shooters have come to appreciate.

The XSE Commander comes chambered in .45 ACP and includes a beavertail grip safety, white dot combat sights which are dovetailed into the front and rear of the slide, double diamond rosewood grips, 3-hole cross drilled aluminum trigger, front and rear slide serrations, skeletonized hammer, and an ambidextrous safety. The gun holds true to the single-action only design of the original M1911A1.

As with all “true” Commander sized pistols, this XSE version come with a 4 & 1/4” barrel. This decreases the overall length to 7 & 3/4” from the original 8 & 1/2” of the Government model. While the slide, barrel, guide rod, and recoil spring are all altered, the frame on a Commander is not. As the frame receives no slimming treatment, it is fully able to handle extended use without some of the problems associated with micro-1911 pistols. It also retains the standard 1911 magazines. Seven round magazines will work but the gun ships with the newer-style which have a capacity of eight rounds.

The Colt XSE Commander is only offered in stainless steel finish. A lightweight version which sports an aluminum frame matches a stainless slide to a Teflon coated aluminum frame, but this is the only other XSE offered in a Commander size.

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