In the late 1980's gun manufacturers began a push to produce 1911 pistols that came preloaded with the most popular upgrades shooters were known to consistently add to enhance performance. Colt, being the original name associated with the 1911 couldn't stay out of the fray for long. The result was the company's XSE line of pistols.

The Colt XSE Govenment model is a full size 1911 featuring a host of semi-custom upgrades including a beavertail grip safety, front and rear slide serations, ambidextrous thumb safety, fixed white dot combat sights, double diamond rosewood grips, crossdrilled three hole aluminum trigger, new roll markings, and an enhanced skelleton hammer.

The XSE Government 1911 pistol comes standard with an 8 round magazine and retains the traditional single-action trigger setup. Both blued carbon steel and satin stainless finishes are available. Stainless steel models feature graphite colored controls. The Government model does NOT feature a rail system.

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