The Colt XSE line of 1911 pistols is Colt's “loaded” version of the pistol. The company produces five versions of the gun with two being true Commander configurations. This review set is for the Colt XSE Lightweight Commander.

This rendition of the gun is nearly identical with the rest of the models in the XSE line. Included features are a beavertail grip safety, white dot combat sights, front slide serrations, ambidextrous thumb safety, enhanced skeletonized hammer, specialized roll markings, double-diamond wood grips, and an expanded 8 round capacity magazine.

The most significant difference that separates the XSE Lightweight Commander is that while the pistol has a stainless steel slide similar to the standard Commander, it is equipped with a lighter aluminum frame which receives a Teflon low friction finish.

Stock XSE Lightweight Commander 1911 pistols lack some upgrades that many seek such as front strap serrations, arched mainspring housing, or an extended magwell.

Reviews of the XSE Lightweight Commander 1911 pistol are found below. Separate review sets for the XSE Government, XSE Commander, and XSE Combat Elite, and XSE Rail Gun are available, so please limit reviews here to the aluminum framed version of this gun.