Banning Guns Results to Crime Rate Increase
Lately, guns are being banned in the country of United States. This law has been approved by the president of the country – Barack Obama. The said law has been approved by lots of politicians and other officials in the country. Although this is an approved law, the crime involving guns is still increasing.
Because of the law that has been signed and approved by the president, he and all of the authorities will confiscate everyone’s weapons even if it is legally owned. There are lots of individuals in the world who own a private gun because of some reasons. One of the most common reasons why individuals have this type of weapon is that it is used for their jobs. Individuals who are required to have guns for them to do their job properly and effectively are the hunters and sportsmen. There are also lots of individuals who are having guns for self-defense.

Gun Ban Fact, Gun Ban

Gun Ban Fact

There are about 300 million of guns owned in the country. Because of this fact, the authorities can’t confiscate all of the guns. Gun ban is definitely not the solution for crimes involving guns in the country. In fact, the numbers of crimes involving this type of weapon in the United States are increasing continuously. Banning guns in the country increases its rate of being a dangerous country. There are now lots of individuals who have guns but do have permit to carry it around.
Crime rates are higher when guns are banned. This is true especially that there are still lots of crimes even if this type of weapon has been prohibited in the country. A fact has been said by a professional that guns don’t actually kill individuals, the user kills individuals. The president should not ban the use of guns in the country because of some reasons. One of it is that guns are used by some individuals in their jobs. Obama’s gun ban list is totally out as there are lots of citizens who are against this law.
Because of this gun banning, the rate of crime is continuously increasing. The president along with other officials should not consider banning this weapon in the country.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin