One of the most well-known firearms production companies of all times, Colt has been producing guns for more than 160 years. The company, and its famous founder Samuel Colt, first achieve wide recognition in the gun world when the company produced it's famously reliable Walker Colt revolver and subsequently the Peacemaker which was given the trade name "Colt .45" early on.

The company has had a hand in producing some of the most famous guns of all time such as Colt Dragoon revolver, the M16 assault rifle along side its little brother the M4 carbine as well as the M203 grenade launcher. While all this goes without saying, the the company's #1 claim to fame is embodied in the John Moses Browning designed M1911A1 pistol. No other handgun in history has seen such wide acceptance. Varous 1911 pistols lines are still in full production by numerous different manufacturers today and when demand for guns is high they are often difficult to keep in stock.

Colt M1911 Pistol

Original 1911 Pistol

Kicking off with its supply of 1100 Walker Colt revolvers to the Amy at the start of the Mexican American war, the Hartford Connecticut based company has always had a strong tie to the U.S. militay and has won numerous government contracts over the years. The quality and reliablity of Colt firearms has earned the company a very favorable reputation amongst the ranks of civilian shooters who are often willing to pay a little more for a Colt rifle or pistol vs. a similar model produced by a competing company.

While most of the company's legendary designs are no longer in production, Colt continues to make 1911 pistols, Single Action Army revolvers, and Match Target AR-15 style rifles for the civilian market. It is interesting to note that the company has never jumped on the plastic "wonder-gun" bandwagon but has remained focused on delivering to its customer base the high quality steel-frame firearms that it has always been known for.

Colt has been a company of innovation from the beginning and was never known to follow the crowd. Many companys make a living selling guns that are reworked editions of original Colt rifles and pistol that are modified enough to bypass any patent infringement litigation. This would seem to be problematic for the company but Colt turned this issue on its head by coining the well-known saying that, "If it's not a Colt, it's just a copy."

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