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Forgot to mention, you can carry the 1911 cocked & locked with the Alessi, I wouldn't carry any other way. The horizontal carry such as Galco(Miami) are all hammer down I believe. The last thing I would want to do in a store that is being robbed is to rack the noisy slide of a 1911. You might as well just yell out, shoot me first, Randy



I have the Fieldmaster/Tactical shoulder Rig for my fullsize 1911. Ihis is a much faster draw(under a coat) than a strong side holster of any kind. Absolutly no printing with this holster & will crossdraw in a vehicle without peer. Even a light flimsy coat will hide this one. If you are wondering how a vertical gun under your armpit can be drawn fast... the inner holster swivels so the gun is deployed much like a horizontal carry, after the snap is opened. The snap opens instantly upon a slight downward pull of the gun grip. The quality is superb, customer service, top notch. If there is better CC fullsize 1911 rig... well, I haven't seen it. Randy

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