The Glock 23 is a compact pistol chambered in .40 Smith & Wesson. It looses just under half an inch in both lenght and height when compared against its larger cousin the Glock 22. This is just enough of a difference to make the gun significantly more concealable without making serious sacrifices where ammo capacity is concerned.

It is well known that the .40 S&W configurations of Glock's pistols are heavily employed by U.S. law enforcement agencies. Police officers are people too and people tend to have a habbit of sticking with what they know. This being the case, it's easy to see why a smaller Glock still firing the .40 Smith & Wesson would be an obvious choice for many off-duty officers.

The gun's overall performance is in line with other Glock pistols. Many sources claim that there is no significant difference in accuracy between the G23 and the larger G22 and any follow up shot control issues are usually considered to be easily addressed with range-time familiarization. The .40 Smith & Wesson round holds an edge in power against the 9mm which is its main competition. Cost for shooting the .40 is a bit higher and is short two rounds when compared against Glocks G19 compact pistol.

This compact pistol shares almost all of its major features in with every other Glock. It still has the same "Safe Action" safety system comprised of a Trigger Safety, Firing Pin Safety, and Drop Safety. The magazine release can still be switched to support right or left-handed shooters. The pistol still measures up to Glock's demanding accuracy and durability standards.

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