Kahr Arms is a US gun company with production facilities based in Massachusetts which specializes in the manufacturing of semi-automatic pistols. Their guns, which noticeably of any type of external safety mechanism, have not been especially well received in the law enforcement agencies but are popular in the civilian market. While Kahr is still considered a small manufacturing company, it’s guns are found in most gun shops across the country.

The parent company of Kahr specializes in the manufacture of CNC production equipment in a broad number of industries which span electronics to aerospace. With easy access to production equipment, Kahr Arms was born and immediately put its expertise in the areas of CAD/CAM production to good use in designing their first firearms by computer from the ground up.

PM9 Pistol

PM9 Sub-Compact Pistol

In an effort to reach as many customers as possible without bringing on excessive production lines, the company has chosen to focus it’s efforts on producing guns that have the widest possible base of users. This being the case Kahr pistols are limited to the .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9mm, and .380 ACP cartridges. Being that these are currently the most popular calibers in the U.S. the company has a very wide potential customer pool.

While the company does produce full size service pistols such as the TP45 its most popular models are its highly praised P380 series of pocket pistols.

One of the more controversial elements found on most Kahr guns is the lack of any type of external safety. There is no thumb safety or trigger safety at all. While many would say that your brain and a properly trained trigger finger are all the safety you ever need, this one design difference means that Kahr pistols cannot be fielded by most law enforcement agencies. Overall, however, this is not a “make or break” issue as many Kahr enthusiasts point out that most revolvers lack any type of external safety as well.

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