In recent years, a growing number of shooters have been taking interest in small-of-the-back (S.O.B) holsters. The primary catalyst for this is assumed to be the exceptional level of concealment that such a holster provides. Galco holsters responded to this increased demand by producing their MOB holster which has all the elements that make a good S.O.B. Holster great.

Fashioned from premium saddle leather in concert with a nylon sping clip which secures to the shooters gun belt, the MOB is built to stay in place and endure years of use.

The gun is cradled with the handle of the pistol facing outward so that it can be grasped in a palm away manner. This is the only realistic method for positioning a holster at the back as the opposite orientation, although increasing concealability, also makes it very difficult to draw the gun effectively.

A thumb-break retention strap means that this holster is ready to be used by plain-clothes law enforcement officials as well as by concealed carry citizens. The holster is also built with extra leather running up the shirt-side in an effort to keep sweat off of the finish of the gun as much as possible.

While it is often easier to conceal a small-of-the-back holster, the MOB will inherently have other obstacles that need to be considered before using it on a daily basis. The first is the issue of access while driving. S.O.B. Holsters are particularly difficult to draw from if the gun is pinned between your back and the seat of the car. Also, a backward fall which results in landing on the gun itself can pose the risk for back injuries. Both of these factors must be weighed in the balance before choosing to use the MOB consistently.

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