The Model 444 Raging Bull from Taurus is a high-powered revolver chambered in .44 Magnum. The company manufacturers the guns wholly in Brazil and sells them primarily in the United States where they are touted as hunting handguns because of their extraordinary stopping power.

The guns are built on a large frame which, along with the barrel, has received a high level of structural reinforcement by Taurus engineers. The barrel itself features an oversized, fullbarrel underlug. The top of the barrel is both reinforced and treated with full-length ribbing. The front of the barrel features machined porting which serves to compensate for the large amount of kick the .44 Magnum cartridge is known to expend. A red cushioned insert is also integrated into the grip of the revolver on all Raging Bull models to further assist in making extended use a possibility without imparting significant negative physical side effects on the shooter.

The cylinder release on Raging Bull high powered revolvers requires two hands to manipulate. This is because a second, front mounted cylinder latch mechanism incorporated into the gun at the front of the crane. The rear cylinder release still must be depressed as well for the crane to be released and allow the cylinder to swing free to be cleared and loaded. Thus the necessity for two hands.

Due in part to the very large nature of the gun, it is proper to assume that most Raging Bull revolvers see action in the field while hunting but doubtless there are many owners who stash one in a nightstand for home defense.

The Model 444 high powered revolver features a transfer bar safety as well as the internal locking Taurus Security System which allows the gun to be rendered inoperable without the use of any type of external gun lock.

The Taurus Raging Bull revolver receives either a satin stainless finish or a deep blued finish at the factory. Whichever finish is applied the gun then receives identifying roll marking which clearly identifies the gun as a member of the Raging Bull family of revolvers. Barrel lengths on current production models is limited to 6 & 1/2 inches or 8 & 3/4 inches but there is nothing preventing the company from making the guns with other lengths as well.

Reviews of the Taurus Model 444 Raging Bull high powered revolver can be found below. This review set is only for those guns which are chambered in the .44 Magnum cartridge regardless of barrel length or finish. Other Raging Bull revolvers chambered in .41 Magnum, .454 Casull and others have their own review sets.