The Taurus Model 709 Slim is a compact pistol primarily designed for use as a civilian concealed carry gun and not marketed as a service pistol to be used by police forces. That is not to say that this low-profile 9mm handgun does not find its way into the collection of law enforcement officers, but that when it does, it is mostly likely going to play a role as an off-duty weapon.

Recent years have seen an ever increasing numbers of people carrying guns for personal protection. Traditionally, many who carry have held the position that if you are going to carry a gun anyway, it makes sense to carry one which has the highest capacity as possible. The resurgance of popularity of 1911 pistols has shown that this is not necessarily true. Many have discovered the advantage in carrying convenience that can only come with the slimmer profile that a single stack compact pistol can provide.

Taurus, always trying to keep its finger on the pulse of the shooting public, took notice of this pent up demand and developed the Slim line of pistols. They feature a full compliment of features that are becoming pretty much standard and the the 9mm version of the Model 709 is no exception.

Every Taurus 709 Slim ships standard from the factory with an integrated split-trigger safety, fixed combat sights, single-action trigger, and a 7 round magazine capacity.

The Model 709 Slim is available in a deep blued finish which matches the frame or in a bi-tone model that features a stainless steel slide. Another edition sports a lighter titanium allow slide but is reviewed separately.

Reviews for both the blued and bi-tone versions of the Taurus Model 709 Slim compact pistol can be found below. Feel free to write a review of your own if you've used this gun in the past so you can share your own first hand insights with others. As mentioned before, please make sure that you place your review in the best place. Standard steel slide models are reviewed here and with a separate place to review the Model 709 Titanium.