The Beretta 84FS is most recent rendition of the original Series 80 line of compact pistols made by the Italian gun manufacturing company. At a distance, the gun seems to hold a close resemblance to the better known Beretta 92FS while it is, in fact, quite different.

Many shooters often wonder what the real difference between the Beretta 84FS and 85FS is. Both are compact pistols chambered in the .380 AUTO caliber but the 84FS features a double-stack magazine with a magazine capacity of 13 rounds, while the slimmer 85FS has a single-stack magazine that carries only 8. Guns built on the Series 80 platform are more suited for concealed carry and the two different designs suit the particular needs of those who are either looking either for a larger number of shots as well as those who are more interested in a slim carrying gun.

While both the barrel and slide are made from steel, the frame is made of an anodized aluminum alloy that is both light on one hand and strong enough to handle the stress that is exerted by the .380 on the other. The magazine release, which is integrated into the frame in similar fashion as is found on the Beretta 92FS, is an ambidextrous design.

Both front and rear sights are combat in nature. The rear sight is dovetailed to allow for an alternative version to be swapped in while the front is fixed and integrated into the frame. Front and rear sights utilize a two-dot system which ships standard from the factory.

The barrel, which is made from molybdenum steel, is lined with chrome. Chrome is a material which is significantly harder than steel and is able to handle copper jacketed rounds on an extended use basis without sacrificing accuracy.

An internal firing pin block safety has been added to the design. The manual safety is ambidextrous in nature. It is mounted to the frame instead of the slide as in the Beretta 92FS, but it still works as a de-cocking lever. The trigger mechanism features a standard double-action/single-action setup with the trigger itself being wrapped in a squared off combat trigger guard.

Two color choices are made available from the factory on the Beretta 84FS with the standard being a a black anodized finish and the second being a nickel finish that mimics the appearance of a satin stainless gun.

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