One of the never ending quests that pocket revolver designers find themselves engaged is in regards to finding new ways to create a lighter gun. Decreasing weight is not as simple as shaving off metal because functional integrity quickly begins to fail. The Taurus looks solves this conundrum in its Model 85 Ultra-Lite Titanium.

With the frame forged from aluminum and the cylinder made from titanium, the gun is constructed almost wholly of lightweight alloys. This advancement in material selection shaves the total weight of this pocket revolver down to 13.5 ounces from the 22.5 of the original Stainless Steel Model 85.

While the Model 85 Titanium is almost half as light as the original it is a mistake to think that the gun will feel half as heavy when carried because the weight figures are for unloaded guns. When carrying a 5-shot load of .38 Special the weight of the ammo will come into play somewhat.

The remaining features of this pocket revolver remain the same apart from the difference in production materials. The gun retains the rubber combat grips, the transfer bar safety, and the 2” barrel. This revolver is rated to effectively carry the .38 Special +P ammo as well.

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