By the year 2000 it seemed that the revolver world had grown a bit stale. Sure, there were plenty go good revolvers being sold and millions of people worldwide used them for both home defense and concealed carry, but there was not a significant level of core innovation going on. The .454 Casull was the last cartridge to make serious splash in the revolver pond and that was all the way back in 1957. The plastic wondergun revolution had firmly established a dominant foothold and the 1911 was making a comeback, but nothing exciting was expected on the revolver scene. Then, all of a sudden in 2003, Smith & Wesson introduced a new hand cannon...the Model S&W500.

Not only was the gun built on a completely new reinforced frame, but it came with the all-new .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum cartridge. The round was significantly more powerful than either the .44 Magnum or the .454 Casull cartridges and was marketed by the company as being ready to take down any big game that currently walks the earth. With the best loads the gun fires a 350-grain bullet at 1,975 fps developing 3,031 ft/lbf of energy and making it the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world at the time.

This revolver is known to “kick like a mule” and required a good deal of strength to properly manage the recoil. Videos catching unsuspecting shooters off guard abound. It may be comical at first blush but the lack of proper muzzle control should give any responsible shooter cause for concern.

Built specifically for the new cartridge, Smith & Wesson's previous N-Frame revolver platform simply was not up to the task and the company had to develop an entirely new frame which came to be known as the X-Frame. Initially, the 8” Model S&W500 was the only member of this revolver family but it was quickly supplemented by the 4” Model S&W500, the Performance Center S&W 500, and eventually the Model 460XVR.

This revolver carries 5 rounds of .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum and is setup with the typical Double-Action/Single-Action trigger configuration. It sports and extra-large spur hammer and a smooth trigger with the double-action pull breaking at 10 lbs and the single-action at 4 lbs.

The hunting version of the gun with an 8” barrel is offered in two variations both with a stainless steel finish. The first (#163500) comes with a vertically oriented compensator affixed to the very front of the gun while the second (#163501) features an interchangeable compensator which channels muzzle blast in a V-shaped formation. While both editions of the gun have adjustable rear sights, the second version also sports a light gathering HI-VIZ red dot front sight.

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As with all Smith & Wesson revolvers, the S&W500 is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a lifetime service warranty.

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