Guns, Save, Lives

Guns Save Lives

Upsides to owning firearms
There is a number of controversies on firearms these days so much as to involve it in a presidential speech previously this week concerning changes in firearm laws. Common citizens of the United States and also other countries have been possessing and caring firearms for decades. Why take away the privilege now when instead of defacing the world of ammunition we were to flip it around in a more sensible tactic which included benefits for both parties. However, guns are more than just loaded time bombs for the beholders. As Dr. Suter states “The true measure of the protective benefits of guns are the lives and medical costs saved, the injuries prevented, and the property protected – not the burglar or rapist body count.” Also in the daily news you could read the heading “Woman Defends Home and Child by Shooting Intruder.” Both these statements alone prove much value of holding a legal firearm at ones residence or proceeding body. If someone were to break into a family’s home with the average of 3 head count at the seen at the time and the family had no connection with a gun at the time the burglar could do much more damage than if a gun had been accessible in the house at the time which them the family is protected. It also should show the defendants all they need so as the firearm laws are not endorsed. If we were to take away the ability to possess a firearm we would have a dramatic increase in crimes including but not limited to theft, attempted murder from other weapon with no reason of defense, and attempted bodily injury. There would be no control or ambition to take control with no means of a firearm. One is much more brought up or in other words respected if equipped with a firearm in a time of need. Even considering the supportable reduction of in home suicides it would not cease the problem, possibly not even correcting it by a small percentage as there are plenty of weapons and type of weapon material in any given home in the united states today. Conclusively there should be a greater attempt to control the crimes which cause firearms to be brought out. Taking the firearms from those previously believed to have any sole connection with death and a firearm or close encounters thereof should not be allowed to possess a firearm or purchase ammunition from a local store. There should be an increase in investigation for “loose” ammunition and firearms in the streets which are not legally purchased and documented. With these two simple eliminations, as a union, we can protect and prevent to the utmost success. Every right to one’s ownership and protective behavior in this sense is acknowledged but not taken away. In turn this is the conclusive turn around for the firearm industries. Not allowing importation of “throw away guns” from foreign countries will also eliminate a lot of standing crime on the United States streets helping the rates drop even lower.