A few years after Lou Alessi started offering the DOJ as a belt holster option for all shooters and not just law enforcement personnel, some of his customers contacted him requesting additional features that were not included on the original design.

The result was the PSS. The Alessi PSS belt holster is very similar to the Department of Justice but has a 15º cant and incorporates a large body shield to more effectively prevents body perspiration from marring the finish of the holstered handgun. This shield is constructed of double reinforced leather for long-term use.

This belt holster was designed to be worn on the hip. It features a rear-stabilizing slot which functions to keep the butt of the pistol close to the body. To keep your sights safe, Lou engineered in a sight channel for additional protection. The mouth of the holster is metal reinforced to make one-handed re-holstering a non-issue.

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