Most shooting enthusiasts will tell you that there are three main types of shoulder holsters: horizontal, vertical, and hunting. The Bianchi Range HuSH is one of the latter and is made specifically to effectively house a large frame, long barrel revolver while hunting.

The Ranger is made of ballistic weave trilaminate nylon which is weather proof and shields your gun from much of the moisture associated with outdoor hunting in inclement weather. This next-generation material does not degenerate with age as leather holsters do, can easily be washed without risk of damage, and is easy on the finish of your hunting pistol.

Bianchi markets the holster as a HuSH (Hunting Shoulder Holster) and has taken the time while designing this rig to meet the specific needs which are unique to hunters. This includes padding the holster and devising a weight-distributing strap system that takes some of the fatigue out of the long-term carrying of a big bore revolver. The straps are multi-point adjustable and the fast-action zip clips means that the shoulder holster can be quickly and easily optimized when you put on or take off a thick jacket or other piece of outerwear.

The straps of the Bianchi Ranger are themselves removeable and the holster easily converts to belt carry, the company making an optional protective over-flap available for those interested in this variation.

Bianchi Ranger Shoulder Holster Photo Gallery

Bianchi Ranger HuSH Shoulder Holster

The trigger guard itself is adjustable so while you order the holster to fit your main hunting revolver, it is likely that other guns you have can easily be housed in this holster.

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