.380 AUTO

Beretta 84FS Compact Pistol

The 84FS is a compact pistol by Beretta that features a 13 round double-stack magazine. It shoots the .380 AUTO cartridge and is available in anodized black or satin nickel finishes, features a double-action/single-action trigger setup, ambidextrous safety, combat sights, and multiple safety systems...[Read More]

Kahr P380 Pocket Pistol

The Kahr P380 is one of the smallest guns that the company produces. The pocket pistol comes with two magazines which carry 6 rounds of .380 Auto each. These guns, which are made in the USA, are available in both dark blued and stainless steel bi-tone finishes.

Taurus Model 738ti Titanium TCP Pistol

The Taurus Titanium TCP pocket pistol (Model 738ti) is the lightest gun in the Taurus armory. The sub-10oz figure is achieved by the use of a metal reinforced plastic frame and a titanium slide to reduce weight. Magazine capacity is limited to 6 rounds of .380 AUTO, the sights are fixed, and the tr...[Read More]

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