.40 S&W

Springfield Armory XD-40 Tactical Pistol

Reviews of the XD-40 Tactical pistol with the longer 5" barrel, two magazines each carrying 12 rounds of .40 S&W ammo. Features a polymer frame, ambidextrous safeties, and more. This gun comes with a Melonite coated slide and barrel and choice of two colors for the frame.

Springfield Armory XDm-40 Pistol

The Springfield Armory XDm-40 has a slightly more powerful round that comes at the expense of capacity as this service pistol loses three rounds in each magazine when compared to the 9mm version. Black and stainless steel slides are offered in conjunction with black or green polymer frames. All othe...[Read More]

Springfield Armory EMP .40 Sub-Compact Pistol

Reviews for the 8-shot Springfield Armory EMP in .40 Smith & Wesson. Nearly identical in form and function to the EMP-9. Includes ambidextrous safety, cross-drilled trigger, 3-dot combat sights, aluminum frame, and a stainless/black anodized bi-tone finish.

Springfield Armory XD-40 Service Pistol

Though a bit more powerful than its 9mm twin brother, the Springfield Armory's XD-40 service pistol has a small, 12 round capacity magazine. Other than that all safety systems, finish choices, and accessories are shared in common between the two pistols.

Springfield Armory XDm-40 3.8 Compact Pistol

The .40 S&W version of the XDm 3.8 has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds, is equipped with combat sights, trigger and grip safeties, integrated accessory rail, match grade barrel, and is available in both black Melonite and Bi-Tone finishes.

Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Pistol

An American polymer frame/steel barrel service pistol available with or without a thumb safety. Features interchangeable grips, ambidextrous safety, slide release, and magazine release. Capacity is 15 rounds of .40 S&W ammo.

Springfield Armory XD-40sc Pistol

The XD-40sc shares almost everything in common with the 9mm version of the pistol. It does upgrade to the more powerful .40 S&W cartridge but the magazine capacity shrinks to just 9 rounds in the standard compact magazine. Finishes include black, bi-tone, and even an OD green frame option.

Glock 23 .40 Compact Pistol

The .40 S&W round is almost as prevalent in the United States guns chambered for the 9mm and the Glock 23 carries the round well. This compact pistol is slightly smaller than the full-size model but ends up being short in capacity by two rounds. All standard design and safety features inherent t...[Read More]

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