The Alessi Talon Plus is one of the most basic IWB holster on the market today that performs consistently well over the course of many years of use. It is small and due to the integration of the nylon Talon Clips, extremely easy to get on an off.

When first laid out by Lou Alessi on the design table, it was important to make sure that that small, unassuming holster would stay put when the gun was drawn. The Talon Clips have proved to do well in that regard and are superior to the metal clips used by many holster companies because the nylon clips will not bend out of shape to the point where they no long are able to secure the holster in place. In stead, they return to the original position that they had when first molded. Another side benefit of using these types of clips on an IWB holster is that there is no paid to chip off. The black color is retained forever.

The Talon Plus is an “open” muzzle design that also features a sweat guard that also helps in the reholstering of the gun. Every one of these holsters also is fashioned with a sight channel which works to keep the front sigh of your pistol in good shape over the long haul.

If you are looking to purchase one of these holsters new, you also get the added benefit that the Alessi Gun Holster Company has upgraded it manufacturing processes, production machinery, and have recently trained new team members in the art of holster craftsmanship. This translates into you being able to get your hands on your new holster in a matter of weeks instead of 6-24 months as is typical with some of the other holster companies.

Made of top-grain leather and custom made to order to your gun's specific dimensions, the Alessi Talon Plus IWB holster is an inexpensive way to get a high-quality transport system for your gun without breaking the bank.