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Mine cost $549 and came with the accessories. Good gun for the $$ considering the price of pistols in 2013..and the Obama generated "gun rush"



$479 brand new in 2010. 1000 plus rounds with no problems. Various ammo used but like Winchester 165gr best. Never shot aluminum nor will I. I can put 5 in the 50yd slow fire bullseye. Slow being the operative word. Most shooting is at 6'-10'-18' & 25', these being the usual distances for home protection. This is a great carry gun. I've carried it daily for 2yrs and love it. By the way, it fits in your pocket if holstering is not an option. "The saying it that a pistol or are you glad to see me!" I have athritis and still enjoy shooting this pistol.



I previously had an XD40 Service model 4" and it was extremely accurate "an I mean on Point!" I loved it so much I wanted to go for the Subcompact for concealed carry since the service model was impractical simply because of my size & shape. So I just purchased my XD40sc w/Tritium Night Sights about a month ago and JUST recently got to the range... Overall I love this gun!!!! BUT I did however buy it used and the guns seems to be in excellent shape through an through..... While at the range I ran through 100rds of the Winchester white box 165gr Target rounds and my shots were landing about 1-1.5" low and 2-3" to the right at only 5-7yrds it wasn't far off so at first i tried adjusting my grip, stance, & trigger finger position and pull yet had the same results.... I was able to adjust my aim an consistently put Great groupings on target... Like I said I do love this gun but it left me a little concerned simply because I had to "guesstimate" where my shots are landing and in a s...[Read More]



I also just bought a XD40sc in all black! This weapon is amazing by far the best buy of any pistol I have had, Small, Lightweight, Very concealable, Amazing accuracy ( For a 3" barrel) I am buying another for the wife!



I just bought a used XD40sc in OD green. It's a very slick and robust looking little pistol. Love the fact that it comes with a compact and fullsize mag with grip extension. I just ordered a Pierce pinky extension for the compact magazine. It should make it much easier to purchase the weapon upon drawing. I've had an XD45 service in the past and thought I would try the SC on for size. I wasn't dissapointed!



I picked this gun up from somebody used. Only payed $350 for it and absolutely love it. Black polymer with stainless slide version. The two magazine size options are great and it is very easy to conceal. The only "issue" I have with the gun is that there is a little discoloration on the stainless slide near the back where the vertical grips are located (to chamber it). I thought it would easily remove; however, it really doesn't want to come off the stainless. Any suggestions are welcome! It didn't appear that the slob who previously owned it ever cleaned it. But, for $350, it is the best gun deal I have ever come across. Once cleaned, it is now my favorite sidearm. Definitely going in my bug-out bag with my Henry survival .22LR. Everything considered, it is an awesome gun! .40 might be my new caliber since this is my first. Really like everything about the gun -- it just feels right. Springfield quality beats the pants off of Glock every day of the week. It is just a matter of time be...[Read More]

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